So we had the official Target Toy Sale opening on 19th July 2007, and one of the things that set this one apart from the others was that management believed it would be a good incentive to allow staff to dress up in costumery to look fun and interesting.

There were different levels of participation expressed from the staff, of which I shall cover here:

The Lack thereof: Plain old target uniform. Shaaaaame...

The "Toy Sale" shirt. Well, at least it's not the red target top...

Standard Toy sale gear with a bit of flair. Nevertheless, having a name as awesome as Zivko more than makes up for it.

Some people went as far as casual dress: good for disguising as a customer. genius!

Then there's casual dress with a bit of thematic flair. At least we're getting somewhere now.

Higher up the scale, we had casual thematic dress on a more consistent scale, nice hat!

Then we had the full costumes designed to be much more theatrical...

We even had someone hire a full costume just to look awesome!

And then, of course....there was me...

Because Gordon Freeman + Me = Resonance Cascade of Awesome.

Below are numerous pictures of me pulling chicks as Gordon, while on my shift (because I rule that much):

That's right, Gordon even has his own freaking pony!

No headcrab customers here!

And for all the rest of you who will undoubtebly bug me, here's the rest of the photos!

That's right, the ladies love my 18 inch crowbar

So that's about it, let it never be said that I am not awesome.